With  Friends
David Kelsey left behind many friends who will be contributing to this memory
of a truly remarkable person. If you have photos, videos, candid recordings
and/or memories of David which you would be willing to share, please use this
form to contact me. If any of you have videos of David performing, which you
can upload to YouTube, let me know so that we can link to them from this

Bob Alder
Bob Alder Archives
David Kelsey and Gussie Hartney were
guest entertainers aboard the SS Monterey
for a voyage from San Francisco to
Honolulu in 1973.

Gussie was a great jazz singer of the "old
school" who could sell any song to any
audience. She and David made a terrific
Halloween 1971:  Fred Miller & David
Bob Alder Archives
(Right) Best friends, "partners in
crime" and Scrabble buddies:
Peggy Treadwell and David in 1977.
Peggy Treadwell Archives
Bob Alder Archives
Bob Alder Archives
Halloween 1971:  Bob Alder & David
David was admired and respected by many
other entertainers and musicians. David's good
friends Fred Miller & Gary Schneider tease
famed theatre organist Gaylord Carter after an
evening of being entertained by David at the
"House of Harmony" bar on Polk Street circa

Gaylord was in San Francisco to do one of his
silent movie shows at the Orpheum Theatre

At that time, Gary was playing organ and
entertaining at the "Hot House" bar further up
Polk Street.
Bob Alder Archives
David was an avid Scrabble
player and could be a fierce
competitor. Jerry Wirtane and
David are playing a game in
Peggy Treadwell's kitchen.
Peggy took the photo.