David Kelsey left behind many friends who will be contributing to this memory
of a truly remarkable person. If you have photos, videos, candid recordings
and/or memories of David which you would be willing to share, please contact
me. If any of you have videos of David performing, which you can upload to
YouTube, let me know so that we can link to them from this website.

Bob Alder
Under Construction:
MP3 tracks taken from David's two LP record albums.
Recorded on Ridge Cotton's ALLEN MDS Theatre III organ. David recorded
MIDI files when he performed the first major concert on this new organ in
August 1993 at Ridge's home in Covington, Kentucky.  Through the use of
MIDI technology Ridge has been able to make a new recording of David's
1993 performance in February of 2009.
MP3 tracks taken from
David Kelsey
& Pure Trash

(Coming soon, we hope)