In Hawaii, 1973-1975
David Kelsey left behind many friends who will be contributing to this memory
of a truly remarkable person. If you have photos, videos, candid recordings
and/or memories of David which you would be willing to share, please contact
me. If any of you have videos of David performing, which you can upload to
YouTube, let me know so that we can link to them from this website.

Bob Alder
Scott Bosch Archives
Scott Bosch Archives
In 1973 David was engaged to entertain
in Waikiki at the HOUSE OF CHARLES,
on the corner of Lewers Street and Kuhio

His props and hats were as much a part
of his routines as his musicianship and
David gained a considerable amount of
fame in Hawaii. Many well-known
entertainers would show up on their
nights off or for his last set (after they
had finished at the Waikiki hotel
showrooms and clubs).
Entertainment columnist Wayne Harada
mentioned David frequently. The
Hot Dog Annie loved David's
outrageous routines and became a good
After about a year, the House Of Charles gig ended. David was hired by Jack Cione to be musical
director backup for the male strippers and singing emcee in the Waikiki nightclub show “What Do
You Say To A Naked Waiter?”.

He also gained another large following with concerts for home organ owners clubs and for the
Aloha Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society at the Hawaii Theatre.

After about two years, a job opportunity called him back to San Francisco. He and his large Allen
organ made the trip on the SS Monterey in exchange for entertaining the passengers during the
voyage. At his sailing day party, in the ships Polynesian Lounge, Hot Dog Annie presented David
with a lei she had made out of red anthurium flowers with tiny balloons tied around the
spadix of
each flower. You had to be there!