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David Kelsey was well-known to West Coast audiences, beginning with his
television show in Eureka at the age of fifteen, his hundreds of concert
appearances, and nightclub work. David is also remembered in Honolulu, Hawaii,
where he appeared in concert, on television and in club bookings.
David's musical background
began with the pump organ he
inherited from his grandmother
when he was eight years old. He
studied piano techniques for
eight years and the pipe organ
for one year. While studying,
and before and after serving his
country in Europe, David taught
both piano and organ to many
students, some of whom are still
performing professionally today.
While in the service, David
performed as pianist for the
Seventh Army Soldiers Chorus
in Germany, France and
Holland. This group won top
awards in the International
Chorus Festivals.
David did his own orchestrations and, though you may have heard a selection
before, you have never heard it played with the heart, thought, and wit that David
gave through his music. There was no "Kelsey style" per se. He moved from
Bach to show tunes to pop to a pulsating jazz beat, giving each a special
sensitivity. When hearing him play a ballad, you realized that he knew the words
written for the melody as the emotion and meaning were conveyed through his
interpretive phrasing. Many artists play the music as written -- few convey the
spirit and mood of a composition to every listener the way David Kelsey
conveyed them. Standing ovations were the "norm" at a Kelsey concert.
True genius is rare. We appreciate the wonderful music he shared with us.

by Peggy Treadwell
Peggy Treadwell Archives
Peggy Treadwell Archives
David Kelsey left behind many friends who will be contributing to this memory
of a truly remarkable person. If you have photos, videos, candid recordings
and/or memories of David which you would be willing to share, please contact
me. If any of you have videos of David performing, which you can upload to
YouTube, let me know so that we can link to them from this website.

Bob Alder
2 December 1939 - 15 June 1998
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